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Drawings of characters crying and that will make you tear up yourself. Isn't there something very sad and beautiful at the same time in the sight of someone shedding tears? Here you'll find scenes starring people crying, whether it is out of sadness for a breakup, a love gone awry, or a graduation ceremony, or out of frustration or happiness for sports and victories. Moreover, you'll find special features about pixiv tags, like "#Gonna make you cry" (涙腺崩壊) for works that'll make you tear up, "#This is so heartrending" (なにこれ切ない) for touching drawings that will break your heart into a million pieces, and "#Why didn't it end up like this?" (どうしてこうならなかった) for illustrations portraying happy what-if scenarios born out of the fans' love towards a work. Enjoy the charm of tears portrayed in all possible ways!
pixivision currently has 25 article(s) tagged tears.